Products and Services

We are committed to providing exceptional customer service and we take great pride in the quality of both our work and in the products we offer. Before we purchase or recommend products, we conduct research, talk to others, and test products ourselves. This is how we can assure you that what we recommend really does work. Here is a list of our main services:

  •  Delivery, Planting, Watering and Ongoing care of fresh flowers and plants
  • Professional Stone Cleaning, Polishing, Maintenance and Restoration
  • Complete Landscape Maintenance including cutting, trimming, and sod replacement.
  • Urn Refurbishing
  • Wreath Service
  • Bouquet Packages
  • Seasonal Services
  • Special Requests

 Not being able to take care of the grave site like you would like to?

What ever reason, whether you are out of town, disabled, or just too busy?

To have the peace of mind that you are honoring with respect your loved ones, Let us help by preserving the appearance and continuous maintenance that shows you care.

What ever  your needs are we are there to help.  From one visit  to bring back to life, the faded stone and bronze markers, repainting the lettering, making them shine like new again. Also offering continual visits that we can customize to your needs throughout the year. Keeping things tidied up, bringing flowers on birthdays and holidays. We are professionals  and use the proven methods and  cleaners that safely preserve the longevity of your markers . Quality and affordability. We photograph a before and after of each service and email or snail mail to you with the service quote.

Call or Email today for a free estimate!